Differences In Eyewear Worn For Protection

Differences In Eyewear Worn For Protection

There are eyeglasses to correct vision and there are glasses that are worn as blue light blocking glasses computer. Prescription lenses are worn by people based on the condition and strength of their eyes, while glasses worn for protection are based on specific activities. Sunglasses, for example, are recommended for everyone when outside on sunny days. These provide protection from ultraviolet light that can cause temporary or permanent damage to the eyes.

Night Vision Glasses

Street lights, traffic lights, city lights at night, and lighting for highway signs can be overwhelming at night time. They are bright, will cause glare on the windshield, and make it difficult to distinguish other colors while driving. Rain, fog, or snow will exacerbate these issues. Night driving glasses are designed to eliminate glare, increase contrast, and filter the bright lights to improve overall vision at night.

Glasses of this type are available in prescription lenses and clear ones. A variety of styles are available so there is something to suit most tastes and preferences. Everyone needs to own a pair of night driving glasses. They are very cost-effective and may make the difference between clear vision and hitting a moose on the highway that was virtually invisible amongst the street light glare. Some people may only need them when driving at night while fatigued. It is wise to purchase a pair and simply leave them in the vehicle just in case they are needed.

Computer Glasses

People who work in front of a computer, spend hours monitoring security camera footage, watch an excessive amount of television, or just enjoy playing a great deal of video games will notice a significant difference in how they feel when they try computer glasses. Screens from both desktop and mobile devices emanate what is referred to as high energy visible (HEV) light. It is also known as blue light. The symptoms are temporary, but could become permanent with prolonged exposure to blue light without eye protection. The combination of problems, such as headaches, dizziness, eye strain, or blurred vision, are collectively referred to as Computer Vision Syndrome.

There are several choices for blue light blocking glasses so be sure to research companies for more information before purchasing or ordering a pair for yourself, children, or employees. One company, Spektrum Glasses, has created and patented lenses specifically for block computer glasses. They are sold under the brand name of Prospek. Lenses can be ordered as clear or prescription and reduce glare as well as block blue light. Protect the eyes from damage with appropriate glasses.

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